Pre-release of the Rueda standard updates!

Every third year the Rueda standard is updated, every third year since the origin: 2002 – 2005 – 2008 – 2011 – 2014 – 2017.

The changes will first be presented at the SalsaNor Rueda Congress in Stavanger! Videos of the various new Rueda figures will be published in the Rueda Standard YouTube channel during the fall 2017.

At the Rueda Congress 2017 there are 3 specific Rueda workshops teaching the new Rueda figures. Some of the other Rueda workshops (and the Ábaco workshop) will also include some of the new Rueda standard figures.

Here is a pre-release of the NEW Rueda Standard document.
to be handed out at the 2017 congress, official from Sep 1st 2017:


Check out for more detailed information about the 2017 updates.

Love is in the AIR – Saturday night

Welcome to our 2017 theme party – Saturday Gala night.
September 2nd at Hotel Clarion AIR in Stavanger/Sola.

It’s all about the love for dancing, especially Rueda de Casino.

Dresscode: LOVELY

Be just as creative as you feel like!
Our tip is to add a detail with the color red.

Gala dinner at 19:30 starts with seating from 19, and we’ll have entertainment and surprises.
Gala dance party at 22, with two dance floors.


Final artist line-up

Our artist line-up is finally ready!
We have several new names this year, and quite a few you will recognize, if you have been to a SalsaNor Rueda Congress before. 

Take a look at the instuctor page / DJ page / MC page for pictures and bio of the artists.

  • Osmani Segura (Cu/De)
  • Leysis Smith (Cu/It)
  • Moe Flex (UK)
  • Erodys Castillo & Tenna Quist (Cu/Dk)
  • Knut Leiss (De)
  • Pablo Miranda (Cl/No)
  • Maikel Angel Oñi (Cu/No)
  • Bernt Rygg (No)
  • Sassan Ito (De)
  • Glesniel Pérez (Cu/No)
  • Yorge Armando (Cu/De)
  • Ethan Wagner (US)
  • Lisa Ask (Se/No)
  • José Baretto (US)
  • Dave Mahoney (US)
  • Kjetil Pedersen (No)
  • Marit & Udesh Anda (No/Lk)
  • Merete Thorsen (No)
  • DJ Patricia la Peruana (Pe/Fr)
  • DJ Maikel (Cu/No)
  • DJ Habanoloco (Cu/No)
  • DJ MaiE (No)
  • DJ Mariela (No)
  • DJ Flaca (No)
  • DJ Pablo (Cl/No)
  • DJ Tor (No)

Full DJ line-up

We now have a full DJ line-up ready for Stavanger in September!

Check out bio at the DJ page.

  • DJ Patricia la Peruana (Pe/Fr)
  • DJ Maikel (Cu/No)
  • DJ Habanoloco (Cu/No)
  • DJ MaiE (No)
  • DJ Mariela (No)
  • DJ Flaca (No)
  • DJ Pablo (Cl/No)
  • DJ Tor (No)